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Chel Guide (How to play EA SPORTS NHL)

Jack Han
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Written by a former AHL assistant coach and the 2018 Gaming World Championships silver medalist, Chel Guide is a deep dive into the techniques, tactics and mindset behind winning online play.

The book seeks to answer two questions:


Table of contents:

How a minor-league hockey team changed David Roebuck's life.

David's journey from casual gamer to esports athlete.

: A primer on which game modes YOU should try first.

 Tips & tricks for those getting started.

Principles for gaining possession and exiting the defensive zone.

Ways to create speed and offensive advantage off the rush.

: The first & best chance to attack the net.

Converting possession into scoring chances in the offensive zone.

How to counter offensive gambits in all three zones.

: Ways to control the run of play in non-5v5 situations.

Using gambits, counters and metas to add depth to one's gameplay.

Tips from top Chel competitors.

NEW: Bonus Chapter - Quick tips for NHL21

Illustrations: Felix Ding

About the creators:

Jack Han is the author of Hockey Tactics 2020. He has also worked in analytics, player development, scouting and coaching in the Toronto Maple Leafs organization.

David Roebuck (aka JrPens91) is one of the most proficient NHL esport athletes in the world. He is also an accomplished hockey player who played four years on Robert Morris University's ACHA D1 team.


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Chel Guide (How to play EA SPORTS NHL)

2 ratings