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Hockey Tactics 2020

47 ratings

About the book:

Timely insights, timeless principles

is a deep dive into the way the sport is coached and played at the professional level. It's a hockey book like none before.

Edited by Michael Farber

Illustrated by Felix Ding

About the creators:

Jack Han (Twitter @jhanhky) wrote for the Montreal Canadiens, the ATP World Tour and The Athletic. Between 2017 and 2020 he worked in analytics, player development, scouting and coaching in the Toronto Maple Leafs organization. He is currently a coaching consultant for NHL, AHL, European and women's professional players.

Michael Farber is the winner of the Elmer Ferguson Award presented by the Hockey Hall of Fame, the top honor for a hockey journalist. His work appears in Sports Illustrated and TSN.

Felix Ding is a digital artist most famous for his rendition of a famous hockey coach's stern expression for the brand Babsocks.


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Illustrated EBook

118 pages + bonus chapters
PDF format
Original color illustration by Felix Ding
Edited by Michael Farber
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Hockey Tactics 2020

47 ratings
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